The Reason For My Absence..........

Hi there!
If you are wondering why I am away from blog land here is the reason:

This is Posy and she is a Cavapoo. She is totally adorable but very hard work!!!
So she is taking up ALL of my time at the moment but I hope to be back soon.
Until then - ta ta!!


  1. She is totally gorgeous Eve! What a sweetheart!

  2. Hello Eve, thanks for your comment. I just had to come in search of your new pup.
    What a cute little teddy bear :-) She's gorgeous. I bet you're having so much fun together.
    I am being battered from all angles about getting a pup - and I'm starting to crack. :-)

  3. Oh! Just look at that "butter wouldn't melt in my mouth" face. No wonder she's taking up your time . . . I would just want to cuddle her non-stop! xxx

  4. Popped over for a peek at your puppy... aww, and isn't she adorable?! They're hard work though aren't they, didn't know what had hit us last year when we got Chester... lots of fun too :o) Hugs, Lisa x

  5. She's adorable Eve, so cute - I hope you are having fun with her.


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Eve x

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